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The Company

Founded in 1974, our tiling company began as a small family business, with two brothers learning the trade from their father, a highly skilled Italian builder and tiler. In its infancy the company undertook complete housing renovations, with tiling as a specialty, and quickly acquired a large customer base due to their reputation of providing a proficient, reliable and superior service. In the mid 1980s, Joe and Dino Mannarino decided to capitalise on their reputation within the Adelaide community for their exemplary tiling, and made this a sole focus.

With a passion for history and art, the pair began to perform heritage restorations and reproductions, such as tessellated tiling, and have since used their specialised skills to complete many public and private works around Adelaide and overseas including the North Adelaide Church of Christ, the Mitchell Building at the University of Adelaide, Ayers House, and an architecturally designed farmhouse in Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the decades, the brothers have trained numerous apprentices, whom now operate many of the tiling businesses in Adelaide, and have strong relationships with tradespeople in other sectors whom often collaborate with East Adelaide Tiling Company. The brothers continue to work together as Managing Director and Manager, and are well known and regarded within the tiling and building industries.

Our Team

Joe Mannarino


Joe has headed East Adelaide Tiling Company since its rebranding in 2001, and has trained several apprentices, many of whom continue to work with East Adelaide Tiling Company as employees or sub-contractors. After spending decades completing work on domestic properties, Joe began to diversify his experience by also pursuing work with commercial properties. Joe’s background in building has enabled him to both identify the greater building needs of a property in relation to tiling, as well as engaging reliable sub-contractors to collaborate with East Adelaide Tiling Company on jobs such as bathroom renovations and restorations. Joe continues to train apprentices, and help supervise jobs that his employees undertake.

Dino Mannarino


Dino similarly has vast experience in the building and tiling industry, having begun work from an early age.

After decades of experience in tiling, Dino developed an interest in tiling production and began to manage a renowned tile distribution centre in Adelaide. During this time, Dino expanded his understanding in the selection and quality of tiling materials, whilst fostering relationships with various tiling providers.

The Team

East Adelaide Tiling Company is comprised of 16+ people, including management, tilers and apprentices, some of whom have been with the company for 20+ years.

East Adelaide Tiling Company also has relationships with numerous tiling sub-contractors, some of whom have worked with the company for numerous years, and many who undertook their apprenticeships with Joe and Dino Mannarino.

East Adelaide Tiling Company ensures that all of their employees and sub-contractors have been trained to the highest standard and perform consistently at this level.

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